Make a difference!

One out of every five women suffers from depression during and after pregnancy in South Africa…

break the circle of despair and make a difference today!


A latte a day can add up to $150 in a month

What one off giving can do

  • $42 / £29 (UK)/ R600 (SA) could help 5 mothers, through counselling, to protect themselves against domestic violence.
  • $124 / £86 (UK)/ R1,800(SA) could provide comprehensive mental health care to 7 pregnant women for up to a year after giving birth.

What monthly giving can do

  • $17 / £12 (UK)/ R250 (SA) every month for one year  could help 4 pregnant teenagers to learn how to care for themselves and their babies.

What a Circle of Support can do

Can you organise a Circle of Support within your book club, church group or soccer club etc.?
(consists of 10 friends, donating $10 / £7 (UK)/ R145 (SA) each per month)

  • a monthly donation per circle ($1,200 annually) could help improve the mental and physical health of
    60 HIV+ pregnant women.

 Giving is through the University of Cape Town’s registered charitable entities in South Africa, the USA, the UK, Canada or Australia

  1. Samantha Hanslo

    What a touching story. Its amazing what an intervention like PMHP can make in a women’s life and in turn her child’s life.

  2. Simone Honikman

    Thanks Sam – what a privilege to have you part of our team – as a mental health service user, psychologist, board member and activist – we are very lucky indeed! xx Simone

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