Why Perinatal Mental Health Matters| via Perinatal Mental Health Network #maternalMHmatters

Source: Why Perinatal Mental Health Matters. | Perinatal mental health Network


“For any family, emotional wellbeing matters. When it comes to mental health the perinatal period can be a challenging time. Adjusting to life with a new baby is hard, but for some families the transition to parenthood is complicated by depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD or psychosis. The impact on families can be devastating, especially if they are unable to access support. Coping day to day becomes hard, relationships can become strained, caring for their new baby overwhelming…

Does perinatal mental health matter? Yes it does. We can make a difference. By working together, by listening to the experiences of those affected by perinatal mental health and by campaigning for awareness, training, and specialist perinatal services we can help families get the support and treatment they need.”

Take this call to action and join our campaign for a global maternal mental health day. Follow the campaign in the run up to the 4 May and become a global partner because #maternalMHmatters



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