“When I first became a mother, I didn’t know about depression. Now I would like to let everyone know about this problem.”

Recently, celebrities like Hayden Panettiere and Drew Barrymore opened up about their struggles with postpartum depression. Some of the moms who are featured in the articles below, have also shared their postpartum depression with the world, despite a cultural stigma against discussing motherhood in less-than-glowing terms.

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For this blog, we collated some outstanding stories, studies and guides for everyone who is, was or know someone who might be struggling with depression or anxiety during or after pregnancy.

We recommend you read these fantastic articles and blogs – postpartum moms open up:


Useful material for care givers, nurses and health workers:


Related recent research:


The Perinatal Mental Health Project in South Africa addresses the crisis of mental illness related to pregnancy among women living in adversity.

We are an independent initiative based at the University of Cape Town, located within the CPMH. The PMHP actively addresses the challenges associated with gender based violence, teen pregnancy, HIV, substance misuse, refugee status and early childhood development through its clinical engagement with vulnerable women and their families, through training of staff that interact with these women, through research projects and advocacy work.


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  1. Hello my friends!
    I’d like to share with you a version of a detailed (!) comment I’m submitting at various website articles I’mm alerted about since there are so many of these articles popping up about PPD and celebs in the U.S. Hope you don’t mind.
    *Thanks for your wonderful work*!

    I advise all women and health professionals to educate themselves about ALL the perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADS). Apart from postpartum depression & postpartum OCD there are five other PMADS listed on the excellent Postpartum Progress FAQ page. Soon one more PMAD will join this list – the one I was diagnosed with: bipolar, peripartum onset (postpartum bipolar/PPBD).


    For additional information I suggest checking out the outstanding website Postpartum Support International:


    and the APP (Action on Postpartum Psychosis) website

    http://www.app-network.org which also addresses antenatal and postpartum bipolar disorder.

    My postpartum bipolar disorder, or bipolar, peripartum onset is rare but it definitely happens. Postpartum psychosis can be accompanied by bipolar, peripartum onset, but that’s not always the case.

    At age thirty-seven I had my second baby. I walked into the maternity ward in labor with no previous diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Within 24 hours of my daughter’s birth I was hypomanic and hypergraphic (compuslvive writing); no one recognized I was in trouble until six weeks later when I was acutely manic.

    It was then when I voluntarily admitted myself for hospitalization and recevied an official diagnosis of bipolar, peripartum onset with no psychotic features. That was in 2007, and I’ve finally achieved mood stability and a full, wonderful life. I want to help other moms living with this postpartum mood disorder so they don’t suffer the way I did, and one way to do this is to educate about the existence of this PMAD and its symptoms.

    I’m a Warrior Mom too; I was honored to have my story published on Postpartum Progress website.

    Thanks for reading!

    Dyane Leshin-Harwood
    Founder, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)
    Santa Cruz County, CA
    Member, International Society of Bipolar Disorders and
    The Marce Society for Perinatal Mental Health
    Author of “Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder” with a foreword by Dr. Walker Karraa to be published by Post Hill Press, Fall, 2017
    #ThereIsMoreThanPPD #everymomcounts

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