Mobile technology to support improved maternal mental health

 In the latest edition of the Mobenzi newsletter they shared how organisations are using mobile technology to scale their impact and improving the health, education and well-being of communities.

One of these organisations is us!

We are proudly republishing the article:

The Perinatal Mental Health Project (PMHP) addresses mental illness among pregnant and postnatal women and girls, providing a free and confidential counselling service to assist women who have emotional difficulties during and/or after their pregnancies.

With funding from the Australian Government’s Direct Aid Programme (DAP), Mobenzi platforms are being used to support their clinical, research and management component in three locations in the Western Cape; Hanover Park Midwife Obstetric Unit (HP MOU), Liesbeek MOU at Mowbray Maternity Hospital (MMH) and False Bay Hospital (FBH).

Clients offered screening are seen by either clinic staff or counsellors. A combination of the Whooley, Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) and Risk Factor Assessment (RFA) screening tools are completed for each client, depending on the clinic at which the client enrols.

Clients who are screened may be offered counselling if they qualify according to a pre-determined screening score cut-off, or can choose to enrol themselves to be counselled. The Mobenzi software supports the facilitation of screening, appointments and referrals. A real-time, shared diary is maintained, listing all booked counsellor and psychiatrist appointments in order to schedule the next client appointment. Clients may opt to have appointment reminders sent to their cell phones via SMS. The diary system also enables tracking of client appointments and postnatal follow-up.

Scheduling of appointments with counsellors and psychiatrists.

Counsellors and screeners view of their mobile interface, supporting screening, client records, counselling and referrals.

The web dashboard supports appointments, client records, counselling, psychiatry and activity logs, referrals and exceptions.

PMHP screeners and counsellors receiving training on the use of the Mobenzi system for screening and data capturing on Android devices. The service went live on 1 July.

You can read the Mobenzi newsletter here


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