The power of sharing your story – every voice counts #momsmatter #everyonesbusiness

More and more women are sharing their personal story with depression during or after pregnancy.

“Maureen had her first suicidal thought the morning she found out she was pregnant with her first son seven years ago.”
Her documentary Dark Side of the Full Moon
shares her story and the stories of several other women who suffered from postpartum depression.

Rosey is a mum of three, fighter of PND and founder of  She is also considered one of the leading campaigners for improving perinatal mental health services.
Every wednesday everybody can join, follow, and connect with others affected by perinatal mental illness on twitter. She also runs a very successful blog to share her story.


“Amelie suffered from postnatal depression when her son Zenon”
Inspired her story, a nurse and writer is bringing hard-hitting play Friction to the stage.


And there are many more inspiring women sharing their stories and raise awareness about perinatal mental health.

Inspiring compassion that will turn into action and one day every women will receive the mental health care they need.


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