Critical Maternal Health Knowledge Gaps for Post-2015 via @MHTF

Critical Maternal Health Knowledge Gaps in Low- and Middle-Income Countries for Post-2015

Between June and October 2014, the Maternal Health Task Force (MHTF) consulted 26 international maternal health researchers to gather perspectives on the most critical and neglected areas for knowledge generation to improve maternal health in low- and middle-income countries.

In reflecting on lessons learned from the MDGs and set strategies for improving global maternal health, this paper summarises what has worked and what more is needed to not only avert preventable maternal deaths, but also provide quality health care for every woman.

Critical maternal health knowledge gaps

We know what to do. But the interactions between the interventions and the health system have not been studied”

The most prominent knowledge gap that remains is implementation research for health systems strengthening.

Other priorities:

Improving the quality of maternal healthcare

Improving the quality and availability of information about maternal mortality

Supporting women’s empowerment

Increasing the availability and uptake of contraception

Increasing access to safe abortion services

New treatments for major causes of maternal deaths

Neglected and crucial issues

“The human resource crisis.”

To read more details about the way forward for research and programs in maternal health, go to:


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