PMHP – in the international arena

Members of the Perinatal Mental Health Project (PMHP) presented to delegates at the International Marcé Society Biennial Scientific Meeting in Swansea and the World Congress of Psychiatry in Madrid last month. Here are some highlights and insights from our two presenters:

Presentation by Director, Simone Honikman

Simone was invited to speak about the PMHP as part of a symposium entitled “Born this Way: finding solutions to global challenges in Perinatal Mental Health”. The symposium convenor, Professor Carlos Zubaran, of the University of Western Sydney, had also arranged for speakers from Norway, Spain, Israel and Portugal to present. The PMHP presentation was unique in that our project was able to present solutions to high levels of depression and anxiety in contexts where resources are limited. The symposium was well attended, generated vibrant discussion as well as potential connections for future collaborations.


Simone Honikman with fellow symposium speakers

Read the abstract of the presentation ‘Maternal mental health and health service design‘ by Simone Honikman here: MMH_abstract

Presentation by Research Associate, Thandi van Heyningen
Research Associate

Thandi’s presentation was about screening for maternal depression and anxiety in a low-resource primary care antenatal setting in South Africa. She spoke about the use of various screening instruments as well as potential psychosocial risk factors. The results of this research from Hanover Park, have shown that a short, binary-scoring screening instrument that is easy to administer and score, performs as well as longer, more complex screening tools in detecting maternal anxiety and depression. The Whooley depression screen, which consists of two questions about mood symptoms and a third “help” question shows promise as a screening tool for the early detection of maternal depression and anxiety in these settings.

Read the abstract of the presentation: ‘Development of a mental health screening instrument for low-resource, primary-care antenatal settings in South Africa’ here: MentalHealthScreening_Abstract


“Creating Change in Perinatal Mental Health” Apart from Thandi, many speakers inspired at the Marcé Conference (Photo: John Cox after his speech)


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