16 Days of Activism

  of activism starts today! In South Africa we Globally we to end &

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, 25 November, will again mark the start of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence, which ends with International Human Rights Day on 10 December.

The PMHP is highlighting 16 facts on intimate partner and sexual violence against women and its relation to maternal mental health.

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16 Facts on maternal mental health in the context of
violence against Women and Children 

  1. One in three women still experience physical or sexual violence
    Source: UN Women Facts and Figures
  2. A woman dies every 8 hours at the hands of her husband or boyfriend in South Africa
    Source: SA Medical Research Council
  3. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) accounts for a large proportion of maternal mortality worldwide 
    Source: WHO
  4. One in three South African women experience depression or anxiety during or after pregnancy
    Source: The PMHP
  5. As many as one in four women experience physical or sexual violence during pregnancy
    Source: UNiTE1in4VAW
  6. Intimate partner violence and abuse affects the mental health of women
    Source: The PMHP
  7. Women who experience violence are more likely to acquire HIV
    Source: UNAIDS
  8. Women with depression or anxiety disorders are at higher risk of experiencing lifetime partner violence
    Source: PLOSone
  9. High levels of symptoms of perinatal depression, anxiety, and PTSD are significantly associated with having experienced domestic violence
    Source: PLOS medicine
  10. Domestic violence is associated with high levels of perinatal depressive symptoms and subsequent behaviour problems in children at the age of 3
    Source: The National Center for Biotechnology
  11. Women who were exposed to intimate partner violence during or after conflict or displacement, show more symptoms of psychological distress, than women who were exposed to physical violence by outsiders
    Source: The Reproductive Health Response in Conflict Consortium
  12. Violence against women can be prevented
    Source:  Victorian Health Promotion Foundation
  13. Men can play a role in ending violence against women
    Source:  White Ribbon
  14. Violence against women is predictable and preventable – the health sector must identify and support abused women
    Source:  WHO Bulletin
  15. Violence against women exists in epidemic proportions, health workers can break the silence
    “What if one third of your country’s population suffered from avian flu?”
    Source:  DEVEX impact
  16. Respectful care is a human right! #EndDisrespect and endorse the WHO statement on disrespect and abuse during childbirth.
    Source:  WHO


 Relevant Twitter hashtags: #IDEVAW #VAW #16days #endVAW #orangetheworld #365Days

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